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we've created our own adjusted petite sizing based on the regular sizing chart you're used to. for the best fit(te), measure your waist, hip, rise and inseam. if you doubt between two sizes, choose the size with the hip measurement that fits the best with your own measurements.

fitte size table
how to measure yourself


to find your fitte, follow the instructions.

1. measure A: your waist. pull the measurement tape around your waist, where you are the smallest

2. measure B: your hips. pull the measurement tape around your hips, where you are the widest 

3. measure C: your rise. pull the measurement tape from your crotch area to your waist

4. measure D: your inseam. ask a friend or a family member to help you measure this part of yourself. ask them to pull the measurement tape from the crotch down to the end of your feet

please remember when determining your size, that the waistband has an integrated belt system. this means that, on days you feel amazing, you can use the buttons to take in the waist. the pants should fit in such a way that you're comfortable when you're bloated! therefore, when measuring yourself, don’t pull the measurement tape too tight against your body.


remember: clothing is made to fit you and make you feel comfortable, not the other way around!

how to measure fitte products
how to measure your body

having trouble finding your fitte, or just need someone to consult? we're here for you. please send us a message through the chat, on our instagram (@findyourfitte) or e-mail us at 

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