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fitte fundamentals

our core values are what we stand for, what we preach and what we practice. we're building a community of like-minded individuals - we hope you feel at home here with us.

02     do it with intent

we operate with intention, driven by our purpose in every choice we make. we recognise the impact we have on the planet and its people, taking responsibility for our actions. with careful consideration, research, and weighing of options, we purposefully choose the path that aligns with our brand. we take the time necessary to make deliberate choices.

04     cherish each other's authenticity

we embrace individuality and provide a safe space for the fitte community to be authentic. our environment encourages everyone to live and lead with integrity, celebrating each other's uniqueness. acting and communicating with our DNA in mind, we embody our genuine and original selves as fitte.

01     include everyone actively

we welcome everyone who identifies with fitte and our values. we do not judge anyone and accept everyone as they are. our community actively embraces diversity and inclusivity, celebrating the unique individuals that make up our business. we strive to represent and include the various versions of ourselves in all aspects of our operations.

03     communicate with openness

we prioritise honesty and open communication, both externally and internally. we provide transparent information for customers to make unbiased decisions, including details about our products, their journey, our team, and affiliated operations. internally, we foster a culture of sharing, uplifting, and supporting one another to perform at our best.

05     make it planet friendlier

we aspire to be a positive force for the planet, providing customers with alternatives to existing solutions that disregard environmental concerns. across our operations, we actively strive to minimise our impact through ongoing research for eco-friendlier technologies and business practices. we diligently track our environmental footprint in every aspect of our business as far as we operationally can. our focus is not on infinite growth and profit margins, but on achieving sustainable and profitable growth.

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