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female founder


founder & ceo

gal is our founder, and her être de raison is helping others find their confidence. if she can make others feel confident and powerful, she’s happy. she started fitte in 2022, but really, the idea for the brand started when she was only 12 years old. having moved three years prior to the Netherlands from Israel, and with her petite frame, it meant difficulty finding clothes that fit well. years later, still encountering the same issue throughout her teens and early twenties, she decided to take the plunge and transform her idea into a concept and then into reality – what fitte is today. taking with her all that she’s learned, she wants to make fitte a planet friendlier option for petites.

female designer


designer & product developer

lotte is the designer and product developer of fitte. she graduated in 2022 from Amsterdam Fashion Institute with a BA in Fashion & Design. from a young age, lotte was always interested in fashion design. everywhere she went, her sketchbook and pencils followed. during her time at AMFI she learned that she enjoys the full design process the most and loves to engage in every step of the way of developing a garment. she finds it super rewarding to design something that makes women feel empowered and taken seriously regardless of their size and height. she believes that every woman deserves well fitting clothing in the most planet friendly way.

female social media manager


socials & content

sorcha runs the social media accounts for fitte. as an advocate for a more intentional and planet friendly approach to fashion and eco-conscious practices, she channels her creativity into the voice and online content that represent fitte.

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