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our story

haven’t you always wished you could go into a store or order an item online, and have it actually fit you when you tried it on at home?

 we’re sure you have. so have we. 

our story starts in 2008. our founder, gal, aged 12, is sitting in class during her last year in elementary school in the Netherlands. she's moved three years ago with her family from Israel, and unlike her classmates, she's petite (even then). it's a free play hour, and she's grabbed some coloured pencils and a sheet of paper. she's drawing - skirts, dresses, high heels, pants, tops. anything and everything. she's focused, her undivided attention on her sketches. she doesn't know she's just started working on her dream.

fast forward a couple of years, and it's 2012. gal, now 16, is out shopping with a few friends after a day in high school. they go into the usual fast fashion stores, but no matter how many pairs of pants, skirts, or tops she tries on - nothing really fits. sure, it's mostly her waist being too small and her hips too wide, her legs too short, the waist-pelvis ratio too small, but that's a problem any girl her age experiences, right? no. not really. none of gal's friends encounter the same issues. she's frustrated. clothing provides her with a sense of security, confidence, empowerment. when she wears something that fits her, well, it's a boost. no one can bring her down.

we're jumping ahead, and it's now 2022. gal, now 26, has just concluded her master's abroad. she's unsure what to do next, but in the back of her mind, she's actually already decided. over the years, the concept of fitte has changed and pivoted, but one thing hasn't - if no one's going to empower petites, she will. 

it's now present day, 2023. gal, now 27, is launching fitte. she's excited. she's nervous. she's dreamt of this for years. she's ready to finally give petites the wardrobe she's always dreamt about. and it's all going to start with a pair of pants.

at fitte (pronounced fit), we believe everyone,

truly everyone, deserves to find clothes that fit. 

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