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intentional fashion

we're making intentional fashion. we're sure you've got questions - we've got answers. here's how we do it.


we want to keep the process as transparent and clear to you as possible, so we'll keep you up-to-date along the way via e-mail. we'll update you once the pre-order list opens, once it's almost closing, when it's closed, when we start production and when your fitte is on your way to you.

in addition, the following is always communicated with every item:

- material (& its sourcing and production)
- factory location
- transportation (from factory to HQ, from HQ to you)
- packaging

we strive to provide as much information as possible, and as we grow and learn we will be able to share more product information with you, such as emissions.


we aim to produce only with planet friendlier materials. these could include:

- recycled cotton/nylon/polyester
- materials made from waste/by-products of conventional production of other products such as: tires, plastic bottles, hemp, coffee grounds, orange fibre, mushroom leather, seaweed, coconut and more! 

- deadstock materials. these could include conventional cotton, however, we feel that as we're using left-over materials which would otherwise be burned, it is a planet-friendlier option.

we aim to not produce with virgin cotton, unless absolutely necessary and then preferably with organic cotton.

as with our production criteria, our materials criteria are continuously updated and improved as we learn more about fibres and the production of sustainable materials, likewise they are reviewed every quarter.


to make intentional fashion, we work with a pre-order model. we create a small collection or edit and open it up for pre-order. you select your preferred size (according to our adjusted petite sizing) and you place your order. it is then added to our list, and once we reach a certain amount we start producing. once it's arrived to us, we'll carefully package it and ship it out to you. using a pre-order allows us to produce only what is needed. it does mean, though, that your fitte will arrive to your doorstep later than you are used to. we can't produce and ship as quick as fast fashion brands do - but you know what they say, patience is a virtue and it will pay off to those who wait.


we’re producing locally in europe, but factories might change per collection or edit. wherever we end up producing, the factory has to adhere to the following criteria:

- it is based in europe, preferably part of the european union
- it takes care of its people, following national workplace standards but also preferably going further than basic respectable remuneration by offering, for example, health care coverage
- it works with, or is working towards, SBT (science-based targets) to improve its water, electricity and waste management, waste production and overall factory sustainability
- it is easily accessible to rail and road transport 

our criteria are continuously updated and improved as we learn more about how to ensure responsible and intentional production, specifically they are reviewed every quarter.


we use transportation to ship the products from the factory to HQ and then, from HQ to you! we're continually searching for ways to improve our use of transportation, and are aiming to do most of our transportation via rail, as it has been proven to be the most environmentally friendly option. where necessary, we will be making use of road transport as well.


we use the least amount of packaging possible whilst still ensuring your fitte arrives to you in the condition you expect it to. we use either small recycled cardboard boxes you can re-use or put in the recycling, or small bio poly bags (you might be familiar with their unsustainable siblings from fast fashion brands) which are biodegradable. all our packaging is produced in europe. we use sustainably produced stickers and a sheet of paper to protect your fitte, but do not use any further packaging.

where we stand

we've said a lot about how we're making intentional fashion - but what have we actually done so far? we'll tell you.


for our first drop we've decided to go with a mix of planet friendlier 'virgin' fabrics + deadstock materials.

we're using:

- 100% TENCEL, a more sustainable fabric option. click here for more information about the fabric.

- deadstock buttons

- deadstock cotton lining 

- recycled polyester satin care label

- cotton brand label

- 50% recycled polyester satin size label


as part of our fundamentals we've vowed to communicate with you as transparently as we can and share as much as we can so that you can make an unbiased decision.

part of that is the product break-down you will find with each product. we'll clearly share the following:

- material breakdown, includes each part of the product and how it was sourced by us

- price breakdown, including what we spend on materials and labour but also other company costs.


we're partnering with a local manufacturing facility called Fabriek Fris in ede, the netherlands.

- the people employed are from a refugee background. they have a full-time contract, meaning they are guaranteed an income regardless of the amount of work that comes in.

- they have a required two weeks off in the summer when the facility closes for the summer holidays.

- Fabriek Fris also offers the employees dutch lessons to help them with their integration into dutch society. there are no rules attached to these lessons, employees are the ones to decide what they will learn.

transport & shipping

as we're partnering with a local manufacturing facility we are going to pick up the finished products ourselves using public transport.

for our first drop we're partnering with DHL to ensure your fitte gets to you safely. in the future, we'd like to explore partnering with additional, planet friendlier shipping options such as Homerr in the netherlands and Mondial Relay in the eu. in addition, we'll only be using recycled and recyclable shipping boxes.

in time, we'll be able to do more and share more with you. if there is anything you are looking for but can't find, or would like us to share, please reach out to us - we want to build this community for you, but also, with you.

future plans

we've got big plans for the future, and we'd like to share (some of) them with you.


as stated above, for our first drop we've decided to go with a mix of planet friendlier 'virgin' fabrics + deadstock materials. in the future, we'd like to eliminate the use of virgin materials completely, and switch to either 100% deadstock or 100% recycled materials.

we find SMART goals incredibly important, and we will share those with you when we can.


as we grow, we will be able to share more of the production journey with you. we aim to be able to increase our communication frequency (only if you opt-in, of course) throughout the production process.


we want to keep partnering with production facilities that have a planet friendly mindset. it's important to remember that 'sustainability' includes a couple of concepts: environmental, economic and social. we aim, as we grow, to continue cooperating with partners that have the same fundamentals as we do.

as we grow, we might have to switch producers or even countries. we'll always use our fitte fundamentals as our guidelines to find new partners.

transport & shipping

we are going to continue to use public transport primarily for the team's transport.

we aim to shift most of our shipping using more planet friendlier options such as Homerr and Mondial Relay. our focus remains getting your fitte to you in a timely manner and in packaging that is planet friendlier and safe.

in time, we'll be able to do more and share more with you. if there is anything you are looking for but can't find, or would like us to share, please reach out to us - we want to build this community for you, but also, with you.

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